Fleet Divisions

At Atlas SN Logistics, we connect our customers with the exact fleet they need to make their business run smoothly. Whether the needs are dry vans, step-decks, flatbeds, tankers, reefers or the likes, we’ve got you covered.

Favorable rates

The Atlas SN Logistics team integrates our values, goals and business objectives with yours to ensure we achieve efficient/cost effective transportation solutions. Our ­nationwide coverage gives our ­clients cost-effective shipping solutions and the flexibility needed to ensure on-time delivery. Atlas SN Logistics has historically delivered the highest quality service to customers across every market segment.


We work for our clients. Whether you need a dry van to go to Boston or a tanker to go to Ontario, you can count on us. Our network consists of 3 asset based companies providing us with a large fleet of newer and older trucks and dry van trailers ensuring you that we have the equipment you need at the location you need it.

About Us

We are a privately held, family business, that is part of the Atlas SN family of companies. Atlas SN Logistics’ success stems from long-term relationships fueled by the highest level of customer service.

Atlas SN Logistics offers a full range of services to support your transportation business. We offer real solutions that will streamline your process, improve your transit times and increase your profitability. By partnering with Atlas SN, you can focus on getting your customers’ goods to their destination and leave the rest to us.

We are here to give you year-round capacity. We specialize in increasing capacity when there is a surge in demand or seasonality. Atlas SN Logistics can marshal assets and personnel to help you manage the fluctuations in your marketplace.

As capacity in the transportation industry gets tighter, more shippers are staging their products closer to the destination point. Atlas SN Logistics can arrange for a regional cartage program to meet your “just in time” needs and delivery constraints.

No matter what your current situation or future needs may be, Atlas SN Logistics is here to provide you with the right solutions for your business. We apply our tools and expertise to benefit you and your customers by providing exceptional customer service and consistent capacity.

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